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Costa Mesa has long been famous for the South Coast Plaza and the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Now it's a battleground between public employee unions and council members who want to cut the workforce in half and outsource jobs to private contractors. Will other cities that face rising pension costs take notice? What are the possible consequences for public services? Also, the history of HIV/AIDS, since the disease was first reported 30 years ago here in Los Angeles. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, can the Republicans find a road to the White House?

Banner image: Costa Mesa is home to (L-R) the Orange County Center for the Performing Arts and South Coast Plaza. Photo of SCP: coolceasar

Main Topic Union Battle Comes to Costa Mesa City Hall 18 MIN, 56 SEC

Forget the South Coast Plaza and the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Local Republicans think Costa Mesa might be starting a political movement that spreads statewide. Many California cities are struggling with the rising cost of public pensions. Now conservative council members want to cut the workforce in half and outsource many jobs to private contractors. Republican leaders have visions of a mini-Wisconsin.

Jon Cassidy, Orange County Register
Scott Baugh, Orange County Republican Party
Nick Berardino, Orange County Employees Association

Reporter's Notebook 30 Years of AIDS in Los Angeles 6 MIN, 39 SEC

The first cases of HIV/AIDs were reported 30 years ago this coming Sunday. That's the day some 2500 bicyclists and 600 volunteers will set off from San Francisco on a fundraising ride to Los Angeles, where those first reports of the disease occurred. Michael Weinstein is President of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Before founding what's now the nation's largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the nation, he was coordinator of the Stop the AIDS Quarantine Committee.

Michael Weinstein, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (@Michael_AHF)

Main Topic Romney Makes It Official, but Will Palin Steal the Spotlight? 26 MIN, 47 SEC

At the Bittersweet Farm in Strathum, New Hampshire today, Mitt Romney made official what everyone's known for years: he's running for the Republican nomination for President. His ultimate target, of course, is the incumbent Democrat, Barack Obama. We hear what he said and why he said it in New Hampshire, with Sarah Palin just down the road, and look at the rest of a sprawling Republican presidential field.

Andrew E. Smith, University of New Hampshire (@smithanh)
Lisa Lerer, Bloomberg News
Ryan Lizza, New Yorker magazine / Georgetown University (@RyanLizza)
Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post (@JRubinBlogger)
Susan Milligan, US News and World Report (@MilliganSusan)

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