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Sixteen million people a year people make Venice Beach one of Southern California's major attractions. But residents aren't happy about homeless sleepovers or partying in the wee hours. Lately, a lot of them don't even feel safe. Now the LAPD is enforcing a curfew from midnight to 5am. Is it really necessary or will it spoiling the liberated atmosphere that makes Venice Beach Venice Beach? Also, The Shahs of Sunset, a new reality show that's controversial before it's even gone on the air. Does it project a good image of Iranian-Americans in Beverly Hills, or is it a nightmare of stereotypes made real? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, did the President break a promise on medical marijuana?

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Main Topic Walking at Night on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, a Crime? 14 MIN, 48 SEC

A curfew has been the law on Venice Beach since 1989, but the Los Angeles Police Department has never enforced it on the Boardwalk. Now, in response to neighborhood complaints, it's in effect from midnight to 5am. Curfew enforcement was approved by a committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council and Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

Brad Neal, Venice property owner
Lisa Green, Venice artist and homeless rights activist

Reporter's Notebook LA's Iranian Community Gets a Reality TV Show 10 MIN, 13 SEC

Ryan Seacrest is producing what sounds like another Kardashian spin-off for Bravo. The Shahs of Sunset won't air until March 11, but it's already making waves among Iranian-Americans. On Iranian radio and in print, some describe a kind of Iranian coming-out as "real Americans," while others as an airing of ugly stereotypes.


Ramin Setoodeh, Newsweek/Daily Beast (@RaminSetoodeh)
Alex Shams, Ajam Media Collective

Main Topic Has President Obama Declared War on Medical Marijuana? 26 MIN, 49 SEC

Has President Obama Declared War on Medical Marijuana?Federal law bans all marijuana but, in 16 states and Washington, DC, it's legal as medicine. As a candidate, Barack Obama said he would not "circumvent state law," and his administration discontinued the high-profile raids of the Bush years. But now those raids have resumed, and local officials implementing state laws are being threatened with federal prosecution. The crackdown has growers, distributors and patients accusing President Obama of breaking a campaign promise.  But some law enforcement officers and two Governors think it’s time to change the drug’s federal classification.

Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone magazine (@7im)
Benjamin Wagner, US Attorney's Office
Michael Montgomery, KQED and California Watch (@MichaelMontCW)
Norm Stamper, Law Enforcement against Prohibition (@CopsSayLegalize)
Brian Vicente, Sensible Colorado (@VicenteConsult)

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