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It takes a lot of people to get your breakfast, lunch or dinner at any restaurant, and the restaurant business employs one out of every 12 workers in the private sector. We hear about wages and working conditions in the dining room and the kitchen. We even go to a class for waiters. Also, public health and personal property on LA's downtown Skid Row. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama and the new world of cyber warfare and espionage.

Banner image: Diep Tran, owner of Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park

Making News Health Conditions on LA's Skid Row 7 MIN, 37 SEC

Last year, Federal Judge Philip Gutierrez ordered the LAPD to stop seizing what looked like abandoned property on the sidewalks of Skid Row. That gave homeless people a chance to leave their belongings outside while they went inside for food, showers or social services. Now the County Department of Public Health has ordered a cleanup because of what it calls immediate risks to public health. What about personal property?  Ryan Vaillancourt is a staff writer for the LA Downtown News.

Ryan Vaillancourt, Los Angeles Downtown News (@RVaillancourt)

Main Topic Have You Eaten Out Lately? 19 MIN, 27 SEC

Americans spend 49 percent of their food budgets in restaurants, compared to 25 percent in 1955. The restaurant industry's growing fast, and it employs one out of every 12 private-sector workers. Los Angeles is one of the country's biggest markets for eating out. But, despite the smiles of the waiters and maitre d's, it's a tough business with sometimes abusive labor conditions. KCRW's Saul Gonzalez speaks with  restaurant owners and workers (Eric Padilla, Mariana Huerta, Diep Tran, Oscar Alemán) and Jot Condie of the California Restaurant Association.

Jot Condie, California Restaurant Association

Main Topic Cyberwarfare in the Era of Stuxnet and Flame 22 MIN, 50 SEC

167x120 image for tp120605cyberwarfare_in_the_President Obama picked up the unmanned drone program where George W. Bush left off. He has also vastly expanded the use of cyber-weapons by ordering the Stuxnet attacks that partly disabled Iran's nuclear program. That's according to New York Times Chief Washington correspondent David Sanger, in his new book, Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power, just published today.

David Sanger, National Security Correspondent for the New York Times (@SangerNYT)
Richard Clarke, Good Harbor Security Risk Management (@ghsrm)
Kevin Mitnick, Mitnick Security Consulting (@Kevinmitnick)
Catherine Lotrionte, Georgetown University

Confront and Conceal

David E. Sanger

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