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The Los Angeles City Fire Department is limiting public information on emergency calls: public updates to the press and the agency’s Twitter feed won’t be as detailed as they used to be. Is it related to the controversy over response times, which could have life-or-death consequences? If the public’s at risk, will warnings be specific enough to help people protect themselves?  What if it’s at a school? Also, California could be the state that decides if Mitt Romney can sew up the presidential nomination before the GOP convention in Tampa. On our rebroadcast of To the Point, the price of gasoline and the race for the White House.

Banner image: Paramedics evacuate the injured, near the wreckage of two trains that collided in Glendale, California. Photo by Hector Mata/AFP/Getty Images

Main Topic What Does the LA Fire Department Have to Hide? 15 MIN, 55 SEC

The Los Angeles City Fire Chief Brian Cummings admits he issued misleading statistics on whether his department has been responding to emergency calls in time to save lives. Now he's announced that he's limiting public updates on emergency calls, saying he's acting on advice from City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

Andrew Blankstein, NBC Investigations (@‏anblanx)
Austin Beutner, Los Angeles Times owner (@austinbeutner)

Reporter's Notebook Will CA Finally Get to Play Ball in a Presidential Primary? 7 MIN, 56 SEC

California's statewide primary elections are held in June. The last time the largest state in the union was important in a presidential race was 1972, when George McGovern beat Hubert Humphrey to win the Democratic nomination. This could be the year when California's voice is heard again, this time on the Republican side.

Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, USC Price School of Public Policy (@sbjusc)
Ron Nehring, Republican strategist (@RonNehring)

Main Topic The Price of Gasoline and the Race for the White House 24 MIN, 29 SEC

What Are the Real Causes of Increasing Gas Prices?Americans are suffering from increased pain at the gas pump, and Republicans are blaming President Obama. What are the real causes of increased gasoline prices? Can the President persuade voters it's not his fault and that he's doing all he can?

Cliff Young, Missouri Pool Service
Jack Gerard, American Petroleum Institute
Chris Nelder, Rocky Mountain Institute (@chrisnelder)
Neil King, Wall Street Journal (@NKingofDC)

Profit from the Peak

Chris Nelder Brian Hicks

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