‘Getting my smile back’ at the Care Harbor Clinic

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Nearly 5000 people are expected at the free clinic.

Nearly 5000 people are expected at the Los Angeles Sports Arena to receive free medical, dental and vision care through Care Harbor. The clinic opens today and will run through  beginning today through Sunday, September 30. Below, photos and voices of the clinic and its clients. “I came today because it was a great offer,” says Jesus, one 15-year-old patient, who came to the patient to set an example for other young people. “My health is important,” he said, “my mom’s health is meaningful to me.”

Jesus Robledo and his mom at the clinic.

Candace left her home in Lancaster at 3 am to get dental work at the Care Harbor Clinic.

The floor of the LA Sports Arena.
One of the nurses administers a short medical exam to a patient.