GOP candidates for governor often skipped voting

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It turns out that Neel Kashkari is not the only candidate for governor with a spotty voting record. The L.A. Times says Assemblyman Tim Donnelly – Kashkari’s rival in the GOP primary – has voted only 19 times in 37 elections dating back to 1995. A spokesman says Donnelly voted in all presidential and gubernatorial elections but missed some votes because of his busy travel schedule and family responsibilities. Kashkari took some heat when it was reported that he’s failed to vote in about 40 percent of the election in which he was eligible.

The new Sheriff coming to town has a familiar face. L,A. County Supervisors have picked Orange County Undersheriff John Scott to serve as interim sheriff until voters pick a replacement for the retiring Lee Baca. Scott headed the L.A. Sheriff’s custody operations until he left the department in 2005. Baca is set to retire tomorrow at noon.

roderickwrightThe fate of State Sen. Roderick Wright is now in the hands of a judge, and Senate leaders. Wright was convicted yesterday of lying about living in a building he owns in Inglewood. He actually lived in Baldwin Park, which is outside of the district he represents. He’ll be facing up to eight years in prison when he’s sentenced in March. Meanwhile, Senate colleagues will decide if Wright can stay on the job while he appeals.

Local Frequent flyers could soon have an easier time getting through LAX security. The Transportation Security Administration is bringing its “PreCheck” program to the airport. Qualified passengers won’t have to unpack computers or take their shoess off. First, though, they’ll have to fill out some paperwork, undergo a background check and pay $85 to have their application processed.

MICHELLEOBAMAFirst Lady Michelle Obama is kicking off a three day trip to California with a stop in L.A.. Obama is scheduled to be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest today and she’ll speak at a $1,000-a-plate Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Hancock Park. The First Lady had been scheduled to visit in October but her trip was postponed because of the government shutdown.