Is there too much trash in your neighborhood?

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Garbage in an alley. (Photo: Evan George)

A new report is calling for the LA to figure out a better way to deal with all the trash that doesn’t make into the garbage can.

Tell us: Is there a lot of trash on your street?

And here are some of the stories we’ve been talking about this week that you may have missed.

The virtual reality college tour
Some colleges are embracing VR to get students to come visit campuses around the globe. Now if only you could pay tuition with virtual cash.
Source: LA Times.

Who is behind the leaf blower?
Most of the gardeners you see caring for SoCal’s yards are Mexican immigrants. But before they led the business, residential gardening was dominated by Japanese-Americans.
Source: WWLA blog

Why is LAPD’s Parker Center so divisive?
Parker Center was LAPDs headquarters until 2009. Its modernist exterior and its charged history – it was a focal point during the Rodney King and Watts riots – is dividing preservationists.
Source: DNA blog

You gotta hear this:
Press Play goes running on Skid Row (next stop, Rome!)
Listen here.