L.A. teachers are due for a pay raise: But how big?

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So how do L.A. teachers fare compared to their counterparts statewide when it comes to pay?

Not so well, according to an analysis by the L.A. Daily News.

LAUSD teachers brought home $67,475 on average in 2013. That’s about three percent less than the statewide public school average, which was $69,623.

The L.A. district does offer better benefits – including premium-free health insurance to its teachers. But total compensation still lagged the statewide average.

lausdThe Daily News used figures from Transparent California, a Web site operated by the California Policy Center, an Orange County think tank.

Compensation and class size have been the key issues in ongoing contract talks between the district and the teachers union. The district has offered a raise, but new United Teachers Los Angeles President Alex Caputo Pearl calls the proposal “insulting.” Teachers are threatening to strike this school year if their demands are not met.

The district and the union are scheduled to get together later this week for a fourth round of talks.