Los Angeles lobbies Washington

Written by
Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

The LA County Supervisors are packing their bags and heading to Washington DC this week for their annual lobbying trip. They’ll be meeting with members of Congress and folks at the White House:  talking about what they need, what’s working and not working–and their wishlist when it comes to federal funding. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavky says one of the issues high on their agenda is healthcare.

“With the affordable care act kicking in we have a story to tell with what’s happened here in Los Angeles. We led the state and the state’s leading the nation so we want to tell our story and share with them some of our concerns over time,” says Yaroslavsky.

What else is on his list?  Federal funding for transportation for the subway extension and help for homeless veterans.

KCRW talks to Supervisor Yaroslavsky about how he stands out during his “intensive 48-hour propaganda tour,” below: