What to know about the Secretary of State and State Controller candidates

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Sacramento Capitol Building at night. Photo via Flickr by Michael Dunn / Creative Commons

Executive Director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at CSU LA, Raphe Sonenshein joined Warren to talk about two upcoming races. There’s the Secretary of State, and the Controller. “These are stepping stone offices and if you want to stay in the game in California, it certainly pays to hold one of these offices for a while you’re checking to see what opens up at higher level,” says Sonenshein.

When it comes to Secretary of State, the door has been opened for reformers to run, but there’s only room for one. The controller is not a high visibility office at all, but they can certainly raise issues about whether the state is spending its money wisely, explains Sonenshein.

List of candidates for State Controller. 

List of candidates for Secretary of State.

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