Who are the leaders in your community?

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Los Angeles is a city of 3 million, but who really gets things done? (Photo: Mike Finkelstein/ Flickr/ Creative Commons)

Who is LA’s unofficial mayor?

Is it Brigham Yen of DTLA Rising, who one listener says is “the unofficial yet inspiring mayor?” Or as KCRW listener, Morgan Hall, suggested, her  neighbor, Jonathan“He is always in the know about new businesses opening in the neighborhood, supporting clean up crews, reporting pot holes, getting street lights adjusted, helping out anybody in need with a tool, a jump, a smile,” she said. Or L. Ron Hubbard, because, as one reader put it, “how many other cult leaders have a street named after them in Hollyweird?” Or, as Jason Barquero writes, Magic Johnson? Because, “he is one of the faces of L.A. who has not only entertained this city to no end, but has had a huge economic impact as a business mogul.”

But we know there are more, so, so many more! Fill out our survey and share your insights below: