Antidepressants: tell us your story

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When LA Times business columnist David Lazarus turned to antidepressants, he had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and struggled with sleep.

The pills helped. Then he read a worrying investigation from the New York Times about how difficult it can be to quit antidepressants.

“On rare occasions when I forgot to take my daily pill, I would feel groggy and disoriented by early afternoon. I’d feel and hear a whooshing in my head, as if my pulse was pleading for its fix," Lazarus wrote in a recent op-ed. "What if there was an earthquake or some other disaster and I couldn’t get my pills? What if the withdrawal symptoms were more than I could handle? How would I cope?”

Does Lazarus' story resonate with you? We want to hear about your personal expriences during this National Suicide Prevention Week.