Are you an adult living at home? What’s that like?

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It’s becoming a more typical story, especially in L.A. One-third of adults under age 34 are living with their parents nationwide. And here in Los Angeles, it’s more than 40%.

The cost of housing is definitely part of it, but experts say as adults are getting married and having kids later, that also means they’re establishing their households later. But L.A. also has a large immigrant population, and many of them have been living at home into adulthood for a while.

Albert Reyes’ parents were 16 and 20 years old when they immigrated here from Mexico. Albert is 28 now, but they don’t want him to leave home.

“My folks like the fact that we’re at home because they had to leave home. If they left home and they struggled, they don’t want us to have that similar situation,” he says. “They don’t want us to leave if we don’t have to.”

Are you living at home? What are your top reasons for doing it? How do your parents feel about it? We want to hear from you.