Greater LA

Greater LA

Host Steve Chiotakis connects you to the people and places of Southern California.

What are renters and landlords doing when rent is due on April 1? One LA City Councilman is fighting for a rent freeze.

Today’s entire show is about how Angelenos are helping their neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic. One Huntington Park bakery is offering free bread to kids each day.

Due to COVID-19, LA County’s criminal and civil trials are suspended, while entire courthouses are shut down.

Humans are social animals, and social distancing is hard. This weekend, countless Angelenos headed for hiking trails and beaches.

Some people are delivering household items and food while the rest of us are at home. How are those gig economy workers doing?

Grocery stores nationwide are handling an unusually high demand from customers. How are grocery clerks coping?

People ages 65 and up are most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. Health officials are telling them to not go outside, and to practice social distancing.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has closed restaurants and bars around LA. There are exceptions for food take-out, drive-thru and delivery.