Greater LA

Greater LA

Host Steve Chiotakis connects you to the people and places of Southern California.

KCRW joins a group of forest firefighters who are working to prevent wildfires. We get a firsthand look at what firefighters do when a blaze breaks out near Tujunga.

The state legislature has passed Assembly Bill 1482, which would cap rent increases for many buildings across the state at 5% annually. Governor Gavin Newsom said he will sign it.

Over the past year, China has almost stopped accepting America’s recyclables. More than 200 recycling centers in California closed last month.

An LA Times business columnist discusses the difficult time he’s had coming off antidepressants.

Broadway Federal Bank was founded more than 70 years ago to serve LA's African-American community. It currently stands as the only black-owned bank headquartered in the Western U.S.

The fur industry in California is worth $300 million, and fur is an important part of some people's family history. But some say the industry is cruel.

UCSB's first class of Promise Scholars graduated this past spring. Low-income students received free tuition for maintaining at least a 2.75 GPA.

The LAPD is planning to expand its volunteer police force to 5,000 across the city. But some residents worry that vigilantism could take a wrong turn. We go for a ride-along.