Greater LA

Greater LA

Host Steve Chiotakis connects you to the people and places of Southern California.

Roller skating has become increasingly popular since the coronavirus pandemic. But African American skaters have been gracefully gliding around LA and cities nationwide for decades.

Six months into the pandemic, people are looking for masks that meet their personal styles and needs. Designers have come up with bedazzled coverings to printed logo masks.

Boyle Heights community gardeners are attempting to stop a cell phone tower from being built due to their 5G fears.

For many years, visitors often thought of Hollywood as a place of glitz and glamour. But locals knew it as a seedy area.

One of LA’s largest homeless encampments was on a waterfront stretch of Beacon Street in San Pedro.

In Huntington Beach, a debate is brewing over the construction of a desalination plant, which would convert seawater to drinkable water. The process is extensive and expensive.

Olivia Moctezuma thinks she contracted COVID-19 at the Santa Paula DMV in early March.

The Perseverance rover is scheduled to blast off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Thursday.