Greater LA

Greater LA

Host Steve Chiotakis connects you to the people and places of Southern California.

Los Angeles Unified’s adult education program doesn't get much respect, and its funding is always in danger.

There was a time when LAX wasn’t the unwieldy beast that it’s become. We hear about those days from 93-year-old Ethel Pattison, the airport’s oldest continuously working employee.

We visit a job fair in South LA set up for transgender people who often face unemployment and workplace discrimination and harassment.

While a dispute between China and the US means tariffs and perhaps fewer imports, there’s another potential jobs killer at the Port of LA: automation.

There’s been an uptick of violent crime in South Los Angeles, and if you get shot or stabbed there, it’s likely you’ll go to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance or St.

How did a diner on Wilshire by LACMA become the filming location for ‘The Big Lebowski’ and now a hub for progressive political groups, like the Bernie Sanders’ campaign?

People in Venezuela are struggling to get food, water, and medicine, and power is intermittent.

Hundreds of residential hotels in the City of LA offer shelter for people who would otherwise be homeless, but trendier SROs are popping up for young professionals with more money.