A Scooby Van, A Trade Deal and a Gyrocopter

Everyone is tired of Hillary Clinton, but she hasn't done anything yet, says Dahlia Lithwick, and everything new she tries is weird. Like Hillary, Jeb Bush is incapable of lighting up a room, says Rich Lowry. "What does that mean for Scheer?" Bob says he'd prefer to support an Eisenhower Republican. The Senate examines a massive trade deal, behind closed doors. A protestor lands a gyrocopter on the lawn of the US Capitol. How does that forward the campaign finance debate?

Josh Barro (New York Times) moderates from the Center. On the Left is Robert Scheer (TruthDig.com). Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. Dahlia Lithwick (Slate.com) is our fabulous fourth.

Photo: Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in Iowa, April 15, 2015.