Gay Marriage, Islam, Panetta and Malala Yousafza

By declining to take five cases about banning gay marriage, the Supreme Court has effectively allowed same-sex couples in those states to wed. It's a remarkable step forward for a social movement that only a few decades ago seemed unattainable. "What were really taking about is how change is made," Emily Bazelon of the New York Times Magazine said. "It's been incredibly fast, this wave." A heated debate on Real Time With Bill Maher ignites a debate over whether Islam is a violent religion. Bob Scheer criticizes the denigrating of a whole religion and describes intolerance as the scourge of human history. Is it appropriate for Leon Panetta, who served under President Obama as CIA chief from 2009-11 and as defense secretary from 2011-13, to write a memoir so soon after leaving his post? Matt Miller calls for political prenuptials that require people to wait a few years after their boss leaves office. Rich Lowry agrees and says he'd prefer a principled resignation at the time, rather than people staying in office and taking notes for their books. Matt Miller begs the president to take a helicopter when he visits Los Angeles.

Matt Miller moderates from the Center. On the Left, Robert Scheer (Editor-in-Chief, TruthDig-dot-com). Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. Emily Bazelon (New York Times Magazine, senior research fellow at Yale Law School, former Slate editor) is our special guest.

Banner Image: MARRIAGE EQUALITY RALLY in front of the US Supreme Court on First Street between Maryland Avenue and East Capitol Street, NE, Washington DC on Tuesday morning, 26 March 2013 by Elvert Barnes Protest Photography