Iraq Troops; Is Al Gore Serious? VPstakes; Blog question

The White House announced it’s agreed on a “general time horizon” for possible troop reductions in Iraq. Tony says we’ve succeeded; Arianna says we’ve failed; and Bob says we never should’ve gone in the first place. An interesting conversation about Left-Right divisions ensues, wherein Tony tells the left what it thinks and Bob corrects him; Arianna defies these obsolete political labels, including the “archaic name of our show!” Then, Al Gore proposes that the next President call on the US to generate electricity without using oil in the next ten years. Can’t be done, say the panelists: their reasons may surprise you. A quick scan of the VeepStakes, wherein conspiracies and so-called down payments on said office are discussed. And a moment spent on a question from LRC blogger YoDave G.


Lawrence O’Donnell sits in for Matt Miller.