Presidential Candidates on the Economy, Race and Immigration

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Hillary Clinton argues our economy is too focused on short term profits and not long term growth. John Carney thinks people are already focused on long term growth. Joan Walsh says it's an important start but Hillary needs to follow through on it. Bob Scheer says it's about greed and asks, is Hillary the candidate of Wall Street or not and is she going to make any real break? Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley struggle with Black Lives Matters protestors while former Representative Barney Frank writes that promoting Sanders will only end in Republicans winning the election. Everyone agrees that debate is good for an election, while Joan adds that Sanders is committed to economic populism but needs to listen more to issues of race. As Trump leads in the polls, Josh asks why is Trump so appealing? John says it's because he's the only candidate willing to address immigration while Bob argues that Trump is a demagogue and is scapegoating immigrants.

Josh Barro (New York Times) moderates from the Center. On the Left is Robert Scheer ( On the Right is John Carney (Wall Street Journal). Joan Walsh ( and MSNBC) is our special guest.

Special thanks to Sara Schiff for producing today's show.

Photo: Hillary Clinton speaks on "shortermism," July 13, 2015.