Relief in Europe and US Income Inequality

Global markets rallied this week with news that European leaders had reached a deal to contain the debt crisis there. We parse out the details and ask, is it enough or will Greece and other European nations be back in the same mess a few months from now? Also, a report from the Congressional Budget Office showed that the richest one percent of Americans more than doubled their share of national income in the last 30 years. Then, a report in Friday's New York Times says backers of President Obama have been taking millions from members of the lobbying industry for his re-election campaign. Finally, we check in on the Republican presidential race and Rick Perry’s announcement that he may skip some future candidates' debates.

Banner image: German Chancellor Angela Merkel answers to media as she arrives prior to an European Council at the Justus Lipsius building, EU headquarters in Brussels, on October 26, 2011. Photo by Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images