Same-Sex Marriage and the Immigration Speed Bump

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Same-sex marriage moves on to the Supreme Court. Will their decision be sweeping? The dramatic shift in public opinion on this topic may be reflected in the Republican Party repositioning, but pollster Nate Silver says only 25 percent of the GOP supports gay marriage. Bob Scheer cheers on the GOP reevaluation, and laments the Democrat's ideology shift in the 90's. The debate continues into immigration policy. Will labor and business groups be able to resolve differences over a guest worker program?

Dan Schnur (Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC) sits in for Matt Miller, moderating from the Center. Robert Scheer is on the Left and Matthew Continetti (Washington Free Beacon) brings the Conservative view.

Banner image: Protestors Alex Corona (C) and David Milligan (R), partners who wish to get married if the Defense of Marriage Act is overturned, rally in support of gay marriage in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, March 27, 2013. Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters