Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly politics show where we take on the tough, divisive issues you’re afraid to talk about with your own family.

Left Right & Center debuted as a half-hour radio show back in April 1996.

Over the years, it’s become a nationally syndicated broadcast, grown to a full hour, and become a premier politics podcast. More recently, we’ve broken the set panel format to allow for a rotating cast of left and right panelists to bring a wider spectrum of viewpoints. All the while, LRC has served as the "civilized yet provocative antidote to the self-contained opinion bubbles that dominate political debate.” 

Left Right & Center is needed more than ever… not just in your feed, but on public radio, available to all. That’s a powerful combination that we think has a bright future.

So we’re making some exciting changes and reflecting on what “civilized yet provocative” means in 2022. David Greene joins LRC as the new host, bringing a perfect balance of expertise and perspective from years of experience at NPR and a healthy obsession with the political landscape. Along with new and returning panelists familiar to many political observers, David will be taking on the tough, divisive issues you're afraid to talk about with ANYONE — even your own family.