The Democrats' Private Equity Paradox

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President Obama broke with early campaign-season tradition when he got personal with opponent, Mitt Romney -- calling his GOP rival by name and scorching him on his time at private equity firm, Bain Capital. Right on the heels of the president's remarks came some additional words from a campaign surrogate: Newark mayor (and rising Democratic Party star) Cory Booker, scolded both campaigns for their attacks, but then praised Bain Capital for what the firm has done to "support businesses, to grow businesses." As with every New Jersey pol seeking statewide office, Booker will need Wall Street in his corner if he's going to run for Senate, a widely anticipated move. Coincidence? (Matthew Continetti, Editor in Chief of the Washington Free Beacon and Contributing Editor at the Weekly Standard, joins us as guest panelist.)

Banner image: Mitt Romney (Center) Celebrates Profits From Bain Capital Lendings