The Syrian Debate Crescendo, and More NSA

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President Obama failed to win over broad support for military action against Syria during the G20 Summit in Russia. The lack of enthusiasm is not helping him win over Congress. Rich Lowry says he is most afflicted by two Scarlet A's-- Ambiguity and Ambivalence. Is the action meant to hurt Assad's regime, or just send a message? And how vested is Obama, if he says the red line was drawn by the world? Matt Miller says that in a tragic world, there may be things we don't do anything about because it could result in something worse. Bob Scheer calls it an agonizingly close call. Could Obama really be impeached if he goes forward without support from Congress? More revelations about the National Security Agency's practices. How long will Edward Snowden's information trickle out, and which organization will get the Pulitzer Prize for it? 

This week we're joined by Rich Lowry (National Review) and Robin Wright (Woodrow Wilson International Center).



Banner image: President Barack Obama meets with Members of Congress to discuss Syria in the Cabinet Room of the White House, September 3, 2013. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza