Tim Cook, Midterms, BiBi Is Chicken…and Fast-Food Workers in Denmark?

With Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing he’s gay in a personal essay, the panel agrees it’s a historic announcement. Bob Scheer says “I think it’s an incredibly important statement…gay people can’t be ghettoized once they come out of the closet anymore.” Meanwhile, the midterm elections are Tuesday, and Dahlia Lithwick thinks “They’re trying to reprise the war on women, the ‘binders full of women,’ that worked so well…and it just doesn’t seem to be playing. It’s almost like there’s a war on women fatigue.” Conservative David Frum think finances, the economy and pocketbook issues are dominating this election cycle: “that is the great anchor on President Obama’s party…technically, a recovery in every sense of the term has occurred…” but people aren’t feeling their lives have improved. And Dahlia Lithwick thinks there’s a “sense that the world is scarier than it’s ever been, and this would be a moment for bold leadership, but we don’t really know what we want.” Then, Matt Miller talks about the high wages paid (about $20 per hour) to Denmark’s fast-food workers: “What struck me is that higher prices are the results, but McDonalds and other guys are still in business and making money…”

Matt Miller moderates from the Center. On the Left, Robert Scheer (Editor-in-Chief, TruthDig.com).  David Frum (The Atlantic) is on the Right. Dahlia Lithwick (Slate.com) is our Fabulous Fourth.

Photo: Valery Marchive/LeMagIT