To the Heartland, from Hollywood

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Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles. Photo credit: Sten Rüdrich

The week started with news from the G7 summit and headline-grabbing fires in the Amazon.

Then, new polls this week seemed to indicate the Democratic primary race was tightening around Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Other new polls showed mixed messages. Did the media just hype the it-might-not-be-Biden possibility?

Meanwhile, other candidates are shut out of the September debate but vowed to press on while others decided to throw in the towel.

And is the love affair between President Trump and Fox News over? Elizabeth Bruenig talks about her reporting on Texas evangelicals and their faith in President Trump.

Keli Goff interviews screenwriter Gregg Hurwitz on his efforts to teach Democratic candidates how to rise above the noise of Twitter and tell stories that connect better with voters in the heartland. 




Sara Fay