Trump's cabinet emerges, and a rise in bullying

President-Elect Donald Trump has started announcing who will be in his administration. Josh Barro says Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser, advising on matters of war and peace gives him the most heartburn. Emily Bazelon says so far she doesn't see anyone being named who is stable and wise and perhaps Democrats should learn from the past four years of Republicans being entirely obstructionist. Conservative Charlie Sykes says he is delighted at the idea of Democrats not cooperating because it would give Paul Ryan more leverage with Trump. Jamil Smith says the picks answer Donald Trump's campaign question to African-Americans about what do we have to lose -- now we know -- voting rights, civil rights, hope for criminal reform.

Josh Barro (Senior Editor at Business Insider) moderates from the Center. Charlie Sykes (Editor-in-Chief is on the Right. On the Left is Jamil Smith (Senior National Correspondent, MTV News).  Emily Bazelon (New York Times Magazine, senior research fellow at Yale Law School, former Slate editor) is our special guest.

Photo: Senator Jeff Sessions, who President-Elect Donald Trump has named as his Attorney General (Ryan J. Reilly)