Two Economies, Immigration, Syria, and Second Term Woes

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Good job numbers out Friday show growth for the economy, but there are some soft spots in the report, including the number of Americans that have given up on searching for work. Personal savings rates are also very low. Does the US have two economies? Also, Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio wants it and so does President Obama, so what will it take to get immigration reform passed? Has the national GOP ceded the Latino vote for a generation by inaction? Plus, much of the intelligence on the chemical weapons used in Syria comes from Israel. Does that somehow taint the intell? Meanwhile Russia is at odds with the US over Syria. Why can't Obama make headway with the Putin administration, and what happened to the "reset" with US-Russian relations? Finally, Maureen Dowd and Charles Krauthammer are hash-tagging a failed gun bill and stalled immigration reform a FAIL. Has Obama already blown his post-election power? Joining Matt and Bob this week on the Right is Vin Weber (Mercury/Clark and Weinstock).

Banner image: Migrant workers load cucumbers into a truck in Blackwater, Virginia. Photo: Bread for the World