Why is it always Florida?

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Incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson trails Republican Governor Rick Scott by about 13,000 votes. And, of course, it wouldn't be a close Florida election without a ballot design error that could cost Democrats the election. This time, it's not the butterfly ballot. It's the hidden Senate race ballot. Marc Caputo tells the panel why Florida is so special and explains the mess in Broward County.

Then, President Trump has been in a very, very bad mood recently. Does it matter? Should we care? Part of the reason why he's in a bad mood is the new Democratic majority in the House.
Sayu Bhojwani, founder and president of New American Leaders and author of the book People Like Us, talks about the incoming freshman class in Congress, and why most of the diversity among the newest members are Democrats.

Reihan Salam joins to talk about how the GOP needs to change its policies to match its working class base, and not just its white working class base.

A ballot placed into ballot counting machine. Photo credit: Voice of America.