Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly politics show where we take on the tough, divisive issues you’re afraid to talk about with your own family.

Where does the Biden campaign stand following the NATO summit? The RNC debuts a new party platform. Plus, Alabama faces questions about forced prison labor.

Will SCOTUS’ immunity ruling increase election stakes? Several states are bringing religion into education. LA’s mayor is pushing for a mask ban at protests.

KCRW discusses key moments in this week’s historic presidential debate. Plus, a Seattle community revisits the role of police officers in schools following a shooting.

What does polling get wrong about voters’ concerns? A new measure in North Dakota sets age limits for Congress members. Plus, KCRW previews next week’s presidential debate.

Are Trump’s campaign promises a cause for concern? KCRW also discusses activism in journalism and the role of school vouchers in closing achievement gaps.

Is a Hunter Biden plea deal the best thing for his father’s campaign? Why has Joe Biden’s executive order upset pretty much everyone?

KCRW examines the political response to Donald Trump’s guilty verdict. What impact will it have on undecided voters and the public’s faith in the judiciary?

How much could AI and deepfakes threaten election integrity? Is round two of the border bill dead on arrival?