Ai Weiwei: Human Flow

Ai Weiwei is an artist who uses many canvases to express himself. From art installations to architecture, social media to the big screen, Ai is one of the most transcendent figures in the world. His latest project, Human Flow, details human migration and the refugee crisis. Whether they’re fleeing from war, politics or climate disruption, Human Flow is a thought-provoking, poignant journey through a harsh reality that large parts of the global population are not yet free. The Climate Music Project uses historical climate data to create musical works that allow audiences to viscerally experience the effects of climate change from the earliest days of the industrial revolution to the present, and to visualize the future scenario that awaits us if we fail to act. Greg Dalton discusses the project with its founder, Stephan Crawford, and its scientific advisor, Bill Collins.

Produced by Climate One. Photo credit: Alfred Weidinger