Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy – An International Town Hall

It’s been nearly three years since Egypt’s revolution, and the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Since then, we've also seen the fall of Egypt's first democratically elected president -- Mohammed Morsi -- and a violent crackdown on his party, the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, the way forward is unclear.  This month America Abroad presents an international town hall with audiences in Los Angeles and Cairo Egypt. Audiences in both cities debated what the military's recent government takeover means for Egypt's fragile democracy; the Muslim Brotherhood's future in Egyptian politics and society; the role of Islam in politics and public life; and how Americans perceive recent developments in Egypt.


• Madeleine Brand in Los Angeles

• Ramy Radwan, Egyptian ONTV Host in Cairo 

Los Angeles Panelists:

• Sarah Eltantawi - Post-Doctoral Fellow in Arab Studies at the University of California Berkeley, specializing in political Islam in the contemporary Muslim world; and

• Maha Awadi - an Egyptian-American host, producer and media consultant who lived and worked in Egypt for 14 years.

Cairo panelist:

• Ambassador Raouf Saad - Former Assistant Foreign Minister of Egypt.