Cleaning Up the Port of L.A., and Will Hollywood Boycott Georgia?

A decade ago, officials spent millions to convert Chinese ships at the Port of L.A. from diesel to electric power. But then the ships stopped using the port and now there are new concerns about air pollution in and around the port?

Then, Hollywood is threatening to boycott the state of Georgia, where many film and TV projects are filmed, over a discriminatory new law being considered by the governor there.

In our weekly web roundup, the latest on the Apple-F.B.I. fight over the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorists and more.

In a different Internet-related story, Madeleine gets a peek inside the country’s first live-in rehab center for digital addiction.

And finally, a debate on the advice of organizing expert Marie Kondo.

Banner Image: Aerial view of the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the Port of Los Angeles