Homemade hummus: Evan Kleiman’s healthy snack alternative during COVID-19

Let’s face it, stay-at-home orders during COVID-19 have us eating way more food. That might include way more junk food. 

This week, KCRW’s Evan Kleiman has a recipe for a healthy snack alternative: hummus. 

Unlike typical store-bought puréed hummus, hers has a textured twist. It features whole garbanzo beans.

“It’s protein in a different form,” she says. “So many of us have gotten used to buying industrial hummus that we have forgotten how absolutely luscious homemade hummus is.”

The hummus is based on a recipe for musabaha from Sami Tamimi’s cookbook “Falastin,” which is scheduled to come out in July.

The dish is a mixture of warmed garbanzo beans (either freshly cooked or canned) and homemade tahini. 

Key to a good tahini, Kleiman says, is to slowly add cold water to the sesame seed-based paste, and add garlic or lemon to taste. 

She also recommends Tamimi’s green chili sauce, made from jalapeno and serrano peppers, lemon juice, white wine, parsley and crushed garlic. 

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— Written by Danielle Chiriguayo, produced by Alex Tryggvadottir