Do Black Lives Matter? Two Police Shootings of Black Men Go Viral

It seems like there has been a never ending stream of reports of black people killed by police over the last few years. In just 48 hours, videos of two more black men fatally shot by cops have gone viral. First, Alton Sterling was shot multiple times by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday night. Two videos of that shooting were posted online. Then, Philando Castile was shot by police Wednesday during a traffic stop in Minnesota. Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, live-streamed on Facebook the moments after he was shot. Where do we go from here? How does the Black Lives Matter movement move forward?



  • Roxane Gay - author, 'hunger' and 'Bad Feminist' - @rgay
  • Melina Abdullah - professor in the Department of Pan-African Studies at Cal State LA and an organizer of the Black Lives Matter movement - @DocMellyMel