Emissions Scandal Settled, Volkswagen Will Pay Nearly 15 Billion

Volkswagen will pay up to $14.7 billion to settle for the so-called clean diesel cars it designed to cheat emissions regulations. What impact will the payout have on the German automaker long-term? Then, more and more inmates are serving time in for-profit private prisons in America, and yet, little is known about what actually goes on inside those facilities. To find out, investigative reporter Shane Bauer went undercover as a prison guard at a privately run state prison in Louisiana; and what he saw inside was shocking. Next, the play Disgraced explores what it means to be Muslim in America today in surprising ways, adhering to and undermining stereotypes at the same time. And finally, Independence Day falls on a Monday this year, and that means many people will have a three-day weekend. Since there’s evidence to suggest that American workers would be happier, healthier, and more productive if their workweek was trimmed down, why don’t we have a three-day weekend every week?