Four SoCal men have been killed by police in less than a week

An 18-year-old man named Carnell Snell Jr. was shot and killed by police Saturday afternoon in South Los Angeles. LAPD said that Snell and another man ran from a car that police suspected was stolen, and that Snell had a gun and was turning toward police when he was shot. Witnesses say that Snell, or CJ as he was known, was shot in the back as he was running away. Protesters demonstrated around the Snells’ South LA neighborhood, and in front of Mayor Garcetti’s house in Hancock Park, which police say was egged. Then Sunday afternoon, news came in of another fatal shooting involving police in South LA – the fourth Southern California man to die in a confrontation with police in less than a week. Activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson spoke with Press Play about his Sunday meeting with the Snell family.