Georgetown, other universities grapple with slave histories

Georgetown University – a school that owned slaves and sold them – announced Wednesday it is taking steps towards making amends for its slave history. Descendants of those slaves applying to Georgetown will receive preferential consideration for admission. How are other universities confronting their connections to slavery?

Then, critics of the phrase “black-on-black crime,” like NPR’s Gene Demby, say people use black crime rates to derail any conversation about police violence. When did the phrase “black-on-black crime” become a conservative talking point?

Next, does smiling make you happier? A new, large-scale study suggests a complicated link between facial expressions and emotions.

Then, David Cross joins Press Play to talk about his first new standup special
in six years, called “Making America Great Again!”

And finally, there’s a new source of internet outrage inspired by an old blog post from 2013: advice on how men should to talk to women wearing headphones.

Photo courtesy of Filippo Diolatevi.