How an unlikely pair helped pass CA’s new climate change bills

Governor Jerry Brown gathered with lawmakers in Sacramento Wednesday to celebrate the passage of a pair of major climate change bills this week. The bills barely passed the state assembly after failing altogether last year. They passed this time thanks to an unlikely pair who pushed lawmakers from working-class, Latino and inland communities to get on board.

New standardized test results prove that California is struggling when it comes to race, education and closing the achievement gap. The racial divide between the lowest and highest scorers is remarkable; black students had the lowest scores of any group. Why is that and what might the implications be?

Then, what if a college degree came with a money-back guarantee? Next, in the new film “Spa Night,” a mild-mannered teenage son takes a job at an all-male spa to help his struggling immigrant family. What he sees there opens his eyes to who he really is, even if that means not being who his parents expect.

And finally, SNL star Leslie Jones found herself on the receiving end of all kinds of ugly Twitter harassment after she starred in the all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters.” Now Jones is on the receiving end of a hack and federal investigators are getting involved.

Photo courtesy of Tony Webster