Will The Reef gentrify South LA, displace residents?

The City Planning Commission approved a huge, controversial development project in South LA called The Reef. It would bring more than 1,000 housing units and retail space to a part of the city that has been largely left out of LA’s development boom. But community activists are concerned about gentrification and displacement.

Also, South LA has made great strides when it comes to gang violence over the last several decades, and one tool for law enforcement has been a database called CalGang. But a recent state audit found the database is deeply flawed, and those flaws can have far-reaching consequences.

And, more than 2,000 people die prematurely every year in Southern California because of polluted air. How can those deaths be prevented?

Then, the weekend’s movies include something for everyone, like an adults-only sex comedy about food and a kid-friendly dragon reboot.

And finally, fewer serial dramas these days leave fans on pins and needles in anticipation for next season, season after season. That’s why many shows now are trying different models and anthology series are on the rise.

Photo courtesy of LA Mart, The Reef