Women in Hollywood Boardrooms, and J.G. Ballard's Punk Rock Influence

President Obama is meeting with teachers and school officials today to talk about reducing testing time for students. Right now, big city school district's average about 112 mandatory standardized tests a year. And how is this school testing mania playing out here in California, and in Los Angeles?

Then, the TV show Empire recently introduced a new character: a scheming lawyer called Thirsty Rawlings played by Andre Royo. He played Bubbles on The Wire. That and more in our weekly TV roundup.

Next, the boardroom is the height of power and influence in Hollywood but at companies like Sony, Viacom and Comcast, women fill only about 18% of the board seats.

Finally, the science fiction writer J.G. Ballard has influenced several films, and also a whole generation of post-punk and new wave musicians.

Banner Image: Bonnie Hammer, President of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment & Universal Cable Studios; Credit: Rubenstein, photographer Martyna Borkowski