Missing Musical Notes, but the Band Plays On

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In the past few weeks, the world of music has lost some gentlemen and geniuses. We’re still reeling from the death this week of Glenn Frey the co-founder of the L.A.-based band The Eagles, who gave us so many hits to remember. Frey passed away from complications of colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. We lost Dale Griffin, the drummer for the 70's band Mott the Hoople; pop and R&B star Natalie Cole – who made a famous duet with her father through the magic of technology; Lemmy Kilmister, the charismatic and hard-livin’ voice behind the rock band Motorhead. And can you forget where you were when you found out cancer took the life of the inimitable rock star, David Bowie? His alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust, made being different a destination. May he rest in space. It’s been a sad time for music fans, these last few weeks.




Benjamin Gottlieb