9/11 Commission Report Urgent Action Needed

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The 9/11 Commission has released its findings and they-re coming to a bookstore near you. We-ll get reaction to the Commission-s recommendations--many of which have been made before. As he was formally presented them today, President Bush said they were "very constructive." Would the recommendations have helped prevent September 11? Will they protect against future attacks the Commission says are inevitable? Warren Olney speaks with experts in aviation security, terrorism and counterintelligence, and a representative of the victims- families, who get the credit for forcing creation of the Commission itself.
  • Making News: Commission Report Summary
    Michael Isikoff, investigative correspondent for Newsweek magazine, has covered the 9/11 Commission hearings and staff reports from the beginning. Isikoff recaps the group's urgent recommendations to make America less vulnerable in the future.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Homeland Security and Presidential Politics
    The Commission-s findings come four days before the Democratic National Convention, in the heat of an unusually bitter presidential campaign. Jonathan Broder, defense and foreign policy editor at Congressional Quarterly, and Bill Schneider, senior political analyst for CNN, look at what it all means for homeland security, terrorism and presidential politics.

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