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John Kerry won big yesterday in New Hampshire, with 39 percent of the vote. Howard Dean had just 26, John Edwards and Wesley Clark each got 12 percent, and Joe Lieberman scored 9, but nobody thinks it-s over. Iowa and New Hampshire are small, mostly white, states with a total of 67 Democratic delegates. Next Tuesday, more than four times that many will be up for grabs, in diverse states of the South, West and Midwest. What do black and Latino Democrats want to hear from front-runner Kerry? Can Edwards and Clark exploit their Southern credentials? Will Howard Dean continue to slip? We hear from Arizona, South Carolina and the biggest prize of all-Missouri, whose favorite son Dick Gephardt dropped out.
  • Making News: Former Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay Testifies on Iraq WMD
    America-s former top weapons expert, David Kay, told a Senate Committee today he no longer thinks that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Before last year-s invasion, he believed there were such weapons in Iraq-and he was not alone. Michael Isikoff, who has been following this story for Newsweek magazine, says the story is turning out to be more complicated than either side anticipated.
  • Reporter's Notebook: BBC Criticized in Hutton Report
    Britain's Tony Blair has been exonerated of claims that he -sexed up- a report about weapons of mass destruction to gain support for the war in Iraq. Blair was cleared today by the much-awaited report of Lord Hutton, who also said the Prime Minister was not responsible for the suicide of weapons expert David Kelly. Mary Dejevsky, diplomatic editor for London's Independent, says the BBC now faces a crisis of credibility.

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