Al Qaeda Reinvigorated?

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Coming just four days after similar assaults on Western targets in the Saudi capital, Friday-s suicide attacks in Morocco appear to be the work of al Qaeda terrorists. The ongoing strikes are forcing intelligence experts to reconsider the effectiveness of a group recently thought to be badly crippled. After the capture of high level officials within the terrorist network, how dangerous is the organization and what threats do they continue to pose overseas and on US soil? Were counter-terrorist experts too confident too soon? Guest host Jim Moret weighs the seemingly renewed viability of al Qaeda with journalists from the West and the Middle East, a terrorism expert from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and an authority on US foreign policy from the World Policy Institute.
  • Making News: New Suicide Bombers Halt Peace Process in Middle East
    Following the most recent wave of Palestinian attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has cancelled a trip to the US and imposed a general closure on the West Bank. What does this mean for the newly installed Palestinian leadership? Can the derailed roadmap get back on track? Correspondent Greg Myre, who is in Jerusalem for the New York Times, says both sides are calling on the other to take the next step.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Complexities of Suicide Bombers
    Considered inexpensive and highly effective devices of terror and carnage, suicide bombers have become the "weapon" of choice by terrorist groups. What is the strategy behind them? How are they changing life around the world and what, if anything can be done to prevent them? Bruce Hoffman, director of the Rand Institute's Washington, DC office and an expert in terrorism, discusses the logic and changing face of suicide terrorism.
Guest host Jim Moret has had an extensive career in both local and national television news reporting over the past 20 years, including nearly a decade at CNN. A member of the California bar since 1981, next month he will deliver the commencement address at his alma mater for the UCLA Department of Communication Studies.

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