America-s Arab Allies Angered

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President Mubarak of Egypt says the US has never been so hated in the Arab world. King Abdullah of Jordan has cancelled his White House visit, and America-s uneasy alliance with Saudi Arabia is suffering increasing strain. As violence increases in Iraq and President Bush openly moves closer to Israel, even moderate Arabs are said to be alienated from the United States--at a time when America needs their support more than ever. Are leaders who sympathize with the US now targets of terrorism themselves? Are they encouraging anti-Americanism in self-defense? What are the prospects for President Bush-s long-term goal of democratic reform in the Arab world? Warren Olney gets perspective from journalists in the Middle East and former Ambassador Edward Walker.
  • Making News: Fighting in Fallujah
    The president of Iraq-s Governing Council admonished the United States today not to kill civilians in Najaf or Fallujah, while cautioning that it not let insurgents think they "have the upper hand." Massoud Barzani spoke to the Associated Press as a cease-fire in Fallujah was broken by deadly fighting. Scott Peterson of the Christian Science Monitor, who is embedded there with US Marines, looks at America's shifting policy in Iraq.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Hundreds of Thousands March in DC in Favor of Abortion
    Yesterday, a crowd of as many as 800,000 flooded the Washington Mall, to show their support of Roe versus Wade and protest what they see as a gradual chipping away of women-s rights by the Bush administration. Leaders told them to turn out for November-s presidential elections to make a change. Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee reports on how it looked and what it means for the future from a pro-life point of view.

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