Anxiety in Bush White House over CIA Scandal, Iraq War

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"Anxiety" was the word being used to describe the Bush White House today as the grand jury investigating CIA leaks held another secret meeting. Reports quoting unnamed "lawyers close to the case" say White House staff members could be indicted tomorrow, Friday or possibly not at all. The investigation has to do with Administration efforts to discredit one critic of the case made for invading Iraq. Other critics include a chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell. Lawrence Wilkerson has said that vital decisions about Iraq were made by a "secretive, little-known cabal," which included Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. We hear more about the public argument for war in Iraq and the growing scandal in the Bush White House.
  • Making News: Millions of South Floridians Clean Up Damage after Wilma
    Hurricane Wilma struck Southern Florida much harder than had been expected. Today there are reports of people in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami waiting in lines for as long as 12 hours for ice, water and gasoline. Sergio Bustos, Assistant City Editor of the Miami Herald, says there are 1.6 million people without power in Miami and Broward Counties.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Big Oil Companies Get Big Profits
    Exxon-Mobile is expected to report profits of almost $9 billion for the last quarter, more than Coca-Cola, Intel or Time Warner earn all year. The oil industry will take in $96 billion in 2005, over twice its 2003 earnings. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has called on companies to invest profits in new refineries and greater production. Democrats want to impose a windfall-profits tax. Others want to develop alternative energy sources. Industry expert Philip Verleger has some thoughts of his own.

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