Arms Control

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America is ready to go to war because Iraq might have weapons of mass destruction. Yet, at the same time, known nuclear powers like India, Pakistan, Israel, France and Great Britain, not to mention Russia, China and even the US itself, are not at risk. As the US pursues its efforts against terror, there-s been a dramatic increase in the trading, even fast-tracking, of conventional arms to nations that might use them to wage their own wars. Are the US and its allies being hypocritical or facing up to reality in an increasingly dangerous world? We look at the policies and posturing, consistencies and contradictions in what-s called -arms control- with experts on the military, international relations and global security.
  • Newsmaker: Israel Enlarging Settlements
    Twelve Israelis were killed Friday near the West Bank City of Hebron. Now, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has approved expansion of Israeli settlement there, involving the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a site that is sacred to both Jews and Muslims. Molly Moore, Middle East correspondent for the Washington Post, reports on the massacre and the expansion of settlements in and around Hebron.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Where Have All the Glaciers Gone?
    When Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana was created almost 100 years ago, there were 150 glaciers nestled on its high, jagged peaks. Now there are fewer than 40. In 30 years, according to scientists, there won-t be any at all. Ecologist Dan Fagre leads a US Geological Survey that is racing against time, as climate changes and global warming take their toll on nature-s majesty.


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