Will Fixing the Infrastructure Help Repair the Economy?

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The collapse of the Skagit River Bridge on Interstate 5 in Washington State has shut down a major artery between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. All it took was a truck with an oversized load. A pickup truck and an SUV fell into very cold water. Both drivers and a passenger escaped with minor injuries, but the incident has refocused on aging infrastructure all over the country. State officials say hundreds of other bridges are vulnerable. Is America's vital infrastructure crumbling from age and neglect? President Obama wants public investment to fix it and stimulate the economy. Is that as easy as he makes it sound?  Where's the money?


Mike Lindblom - Seattle Times - @MikeLindblom, Andrew Herrmann - American Society of Civil Engineers, Veronique de Rugy - George Mason University - @veroderugy, Daniel Wilson - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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