Can US Be a Fair Middle East Peace Broker?

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America-s attempt to rescue the Middle East peace process from its cycle of violence is marked by confusion and contradiction. President Bush has called for Yasser Arafat-s removal, but in Washington, three of the Palestinian leader-s top aides are talking with Secretary of State Colin Powell, the National Security Advisor and the head of the CIA. As Palestinians and Israelis negotiate for Israeli -withdrawal,- Secretary Rumsfeld questions the very idea of -occupied territories.- We get an update on the talks in Washington, hear more about who represents the Palestinians, and consider Israel-s true hopes for the mission, with an adviser to the PLO, a former peace negotiator, the Israeli Consul General, a former Assistant Secretary of State.
  • Newsmaker: Spate of Anti-Christian Attacks in Pakistan
    Three nurses were killed today and twenty others were injured as they were leaving chapel services at a Christian hospital in Taxila, Pakistan. One of three men who lobbed grenades was also killed when a grenade exploded prematurely. Rahimullah Yusufzai, who reports for Pakistan-s English-language paper, The News, analyzes the recent spate of attacks on Pakistani Christians.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Controversy over Development of National Monuments
    They-re favored by vacationers, but oil drillers, miners and other developers have a different point of view. Former President Clinton-s creation of 17 new national monuments and expansion of 5 more outraged the energy industry and off-road vehicle buffs. Now, the Bush Administration is taking another look. Judy Muller, West Coast correspondent for ABC News, has more on the continuing battles over federal land use.

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