Can US Charges Spur Soccer Reform?

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The President of FIFA says this week's corruption charges bring "shame and humiliation" to football. But he's not stepping aside despite calls for a change in leadership. With such deep roots in culture and with billions at stake, can the world's most beautiful game be cleaned up? Guest host Barbara Bogaev looks at how the world is reacting to soccer's corruption scandal.

Also, the FCC wants to expand Internet access for the poor. On today's Talking Point, animals so smart they can beat young children at computer games ­­ but agriculture treats them like pigs.

Photo: Qatar's Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani (L), Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov (R) and FIFA President Sepp Blatter hold a copy of the World Cup after the announcements that Russia and Qatar are going to be host nations for the FIFA World Cup 2018 and 2022 respectively, in Zurich December 2, 2010. (Christian Hartmann/Reuters)